Reforge the Meaning is a blog and website dedicated to recover meaning of things in modern culture and personal lives of individuals. My wish is to make it the place where people can find inspiration and knowledge to be in tune with their core nature and natural laws governing our existence.

Knowledge of the Eternal Natural Way

I sincerely wish to base all my works, writings and practices on the knowledge of harmonious, natural laws that underline workings of the reality around us. This knowledge also applies to how and why we experience reality the way we do and how we can direct that experience towards deeper understanding of ourselves.

This knowledge was with humanity since the beginning, but unfortunately, it was forgotten and forsaken. It survived in ancient scriptures and teachings of many great sages that walked upon this Earth. Although modern civilization doesn't acknowledge it, it is still there waiting for us to bring it back and apply it again to our lives.

It can help to recover meaning and purpose. Very practically it can provide us with means of leading healthy and fulfilling lives. Finally it gives most complete and profound view on who we are and how to discover our core natures.

Passion for Stories and Writing

Since childhood my wish was to become a writer. I loved reading sci-fi and Fantasy literature and my head was always full of ideas of stories that I can tell myself. As my mind matured, I found that stories are not meant just for entertainment, but are important carriers of meaning. They are one of the oldest ways of learning, showing people of all ages and professions how to act within the world. They are engaging and accessible to almost everyone. Each one of us probably remembers some teaching from story that we listened to, red or watched in our childhood. Moreover, as children we soak in the stories and their meaning into our subconscious, what makes them even more powerful.

Unfortunately many stories that are told today, instead of being carriers of true meaning became heralds of meaninglessness. My wish is to reforge true purpose of stories, which is bringing meaning into people's lives.

Stories really practically can help us understand both the world and ourselves better. Can help us with life decisions, with growing as human beings, very often are therapeutic in nature and guide us towards ultimate purpose of human life.

Training in Astrology

Despite modern belief and practice, astrology is not old, superstitious remnant of the magical thinking. It is an art of reading the world around us. Earth and the Universe are parts of the great, divine clock. Everyone who can read the symbols on the clock, can read the time, and knows what time was before and what time will come.

In addition, Astrology is the reservoir of symbols and meaning. It contains stories of gods and goddesses associated with different stars and planets. This brings real abundance of archetypes that are teaching as who we are and how we suppose to act in the world.

Very practically, astrology can give insight into our inner natures and world around us. If approached properly can help with self-awareness and finding meaning in our personal lives.

I am currently training in Vedic Astrology, which is directly connected to knowledge of Eternal Natural Way. Learning astrology is not an easy thing. It requaries time and dedication and has to be taken siriously if one realy wants to grasp its essence and functionalities. In addition to that, I am very keen on learning the symbolism and archetypes contained within astrology.

In this respect I am very lucky to have found and now train under Vic Dicara, accomplished astrologer, who is very knowledgeable in essence and technicalities of astrology as well as in its deep symbolism.

You can visit Vic's page here:

Vic DiCara’s Astrology
Tropical signs and sidereal nakshatra, interpreted with outstanding clarity & accuracy as only Vic DiCara is famous for. Tropical Vedic Astrology!

Also I encourage you to visit his youtube channel under this link:

Vic DiCara’s Astrology
Astrology by Vic DiCara - the amazing principles of classical Indian astrology, through modern eyes, and with a marriage of tropical signs and sidereal naksh...

If you're interested in Vic's approuch to astrology, here is an interview with him on Levi's Cosijn's channel:

Before I will be able to give full astrological reading, I want implement symbols and archetypes of astrology to work with helping people finding personal and universal meaning in their lives.

Training in Modern Applied Psychology

In addition to that I am also trained in different helping modalities like Life Coaching, Counseling and Hypnotherapy.

I am certified under Academy of Modern Applied Psychology - ACHOLOGY. You can check my qualifications clicking on the link below.

I see these different approaches of skillful helping as tools that can be used in support of discovering both personal and universal meaning. Tools that can direct people to better awareness of themselves and the world around them, making them tuned into their inner natures, what will eventually lead them to fulfilling the goal of their being.

University Years

For many years as a university student I was acquiring knowledge and researching within the fields of Philosophy of Communication and Disability Studies. My efforts resulted in acquiring the PhD degree in the field of philosophy.

Also during university years I was very active in community of students with disabilities. This taught me humility and gave me unique perspective on the world around me, making my university years not only time of learning but also of service to others.

All Together

I wish to give all my experiences and trainings as service for the betterment of today's society and bringing back the eternal gifts of ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Whether as writer, astrologer or helping practitioner, I want to contribute to reforging the true culture and bringing it back into modern civilization. I want to do that primarily by helping individuals in finding personal and universal meaning that involves discovering their own inner natures and place within the Greater Whole.

Practicing writing, astrology and modern applied psychology can be easily combined into unique package that I would like present to those that will find it appealing and useful. Good astrologer needs to have ability to counsel and help people. Helping modalities can use astrology as great supporting tool. Stories are important in clarifying meaning of things and can be used both in astrology and helping practices. By themselves they convey the practicality of both, guiding people and helping them to cope with their problems.

At the end, I give my sincere gratitude to All my Teachers, Mentors and Guides whose knowledge, wisdom and support gave me this wonderful opportunity to share my gifts with the world.