One of the most popular assumptions of modern culture are "You can be whoever you want to be" and "You can do whatever you want to do". Although it might be difficult to challenge those common beliefs, I would argue that "You can be who you are", and, however weird that sounds, "You can do who you are".

Be who you are

It is not difficult to see that everyone is unique and no one is the same as anyone else. Unfortunately many people these days seem to be out of touch with their inherent natures. It is even believed that there is nothing inherent to us, and everything is just mental, cultural and social construct. Although from some point of view it might be said that this is correct to some extent, it seems foolish to deny that everyone is acting according to his or her inner being.

We have our psycho-physical outfits that are not easily changed. The fact that we were born as humans and not as cats or dogs, already gives us unique opportunities within this world. In addition some people have natural abilities and inclinations to be in a certain way. Having knowledge about it can help to lead harmonious and fulfilling lives. It opens the opportunity to "be" instead of "want to be".

Do what you are

Being in touch with our core nature can help us to know how most successfully act in the world. When you know who you are, it is very easy to do what you are. You no longer try do something that you think will bring you happiness, you're just doing what naturally fulfills your being. And what in the end brings the most happiness.

Wanting versus Being

We can have many types of wants in our lives. We can desire to become this or that, to do what we want. It's seems like it's fundamental thing guaranteeing our freedom. We often think about freedom as right to do what we want and be what we want. And everyone who restricts that is seen as one who restricts our freedom. Many people will claim that till you don't hurt anyone it shouldn't matter what you do. And although it is certainly important to keep ethical standards toward others, it as much important to keep it towards yourself. And that means not only don't hurting anyone, but also acting in a way that develops us as human beings.

In this case consider situation where instead being free to do whatever you want, you are free from your wants, and mindfully live in harmony with you inner self.

Image by Larisa-K, Pixabay License.
Image by Larisa-K, Pixabay License.