Despite much technological advancement of civilization, today's culture fails in bringing meaning into people's lives. And "Meaning" is a basis of mental health and balance. It is because we don't find meaning in our lives, we feel lost and uncomfortable in our own bodies and minds. The pervading consumerism and sensual stimulation become substitutes to real sense of being within us. This disconnection from our true nature and purpose in life leads many people to depression, anxiety and other mental issues.

Reclaiming meaning can help individuals in regaining their mental balance and be more in tune with themselves and world around them. Meaning is both universal and personal. All reality works in accordance with natural laws that shape it, give it form and meaning. If we live in sink with these core principles our lives become harmonious and fulfilled. Similarly, living in accordance with our own natures and finding meaning in our personal lives, allows us to be more happy and naturally joyful.

Universal meaning gives us sense of stability and purpose of all things. Personal meaning provides us with understanding how we as individuals fit the universal whole.

We can find meaning by carefully studying the world around us, it's rhythms and natural unfolding. Meaning hides in nature, growth of things and movement of the stars. Also, our own natures, our psycho-physical outfits, and more, our spiritual cores, if thoroughly examined, reveal to us depth and vastness of our own existence.

But even more important than that is forgotten ancient wisdom. Throughout generations wise man and woman of this world gave us teaching on how to reach that point of understanding, both the world and ourselves. Today's culture falls short of that understanding. Technological welfare and comfort eclipsed our true needs and potentials. Going back to ancient wisdom is one of the foundations of reestablishing true meaning in our lives.

One of the common beliefs pervading the minds of individuals is that reality and our existence is accidental. This brings feeling of instability and voidness of being.  Time to examine closely this assumption and check how much meaning we can return to our lives.

Let this place serve as facility to reforge the sword of true meaning, which will be pointed into the very eyes of voidness.

Painting by Nicholas Roerich Forging the Sword (Nibelung)
Painting by Nicholas Roerich Forging the Sword (Nibelung).