One of the beliefs propagated by modern scientific view is that Universe is accidental.  That it began with big explosion of something and then in course of time evolved into galaxies, stars and planets. And somehow in the process of mixing of different material elements the planet like Earth was created and subsequently life was possible to evolve from that matter. In general this whole process is seen as series of accidents that finally somehow ended with us being conscious of our existence and asking questions about it.

This led to creating somewhat popular notion that there is no meaning in the Universe and only we, human beings, are those that give meaning to otherwise chaotic creation. Therefore the sense of life was relegated to self-created views and opinions about it. And because everything is seen as ultimately accidental, our pursue for meanig is sometimes presented as sentimental reaction.

The surfice observation of our world can leed to conclusion that nature is chaotic and without purpose. This, unfortunately is being reenforced by modern disassociation of individuals from nature itself. Big cities, living in artificial environments, beeing surrounded by technology, is not the best way to go deep into workings of reality. Todays media industry, mechanistic science and relativist and constructivist world-views spread across society, try to convince us that there is no particular order of things and that only we want to impose it on entropic reality, therefore meaning is relative and constructed separately by each individual.

But why we so desperately search for meaning? And that despite the fact that we are made to believe that it is nothing significant? We can choose to see it as a sentiment, but there is also another way that we can perceive it. What if our longing for meaning is expression of inherent meaning and harmony within reality. Although Universe can seem accidental to our limited perception, it is based on the eternal order that gives meaning to everything.

But this we can only see upon closer and more careful examination of the world around us. Something that is not so popular these days, because it requires effort and curiosity. It is much convenient to trust the believes that we already have than try to look beyond them. Science and technology takes care about so many things these days, so we don't have to worry about them. But many people also think that science and technology will take care about their sense of meaning, so they trust those to give them ultimate answers about reality. But this is just conforming to the modern civilization, and believing that someone else can take responsibility for how we should see the world. After all, scientific knowledge is based on experience (empiricism) and intellect (reasoning). And these ways of knowing were countlessly shown to be subject to flaw.

So maybe instead we should trust the Universe itself to reveal us things about itself. This requires silence, slowing down and enhancing our receptiveness. What we can see through senses is not all that Universe has to offer. When we attempt to see more subtle laws of nature, they show us the harmony that lies at their foundations. And if we cannot see it immediately by ourselves, there were great personalities before that did and we can learn from their wisdom to get insight into reality.

The most ancient scriptures of our world state that we all are just parts of the greater whole. And that this greater whole works perfectly allowing us, the small parts to exercise our will. A though whole is perfect, our free choices makes us - the parts, imperfect sometimes. That's why world can seem to us chaotic. This doesn't change the fact that underneath everything is organized perfectly and in this way allows us to experience results of our choices. And this works perfectly, even though through our own imperfectness, it may seem otherwise.

And even though  this perfectness, may not be revealed to us all at once, it can be observed by its symptoms even by relatively unexperienced observer. Just walk within nature, far from the noise of the city. Sit for a while by water or look into sky at night and you will be able to see that everything moves by certain order. And nothing is totally separate from anything else and has working intelligence behind it.

Just examine the heavens above us. Every visible thing on it has its rhythm to it. Sun raises and sets everyday. During course of the year it travels (from our perspective) south and north causing seasons to happen. Days are getting longer and shorter every cycle. Moon changes it shape in accordance to its position to the Sun. Other celestial bodies also move in cycles. Each is a part of great moving, living organism. Rather than accidental it is expression of perfect harmony, rather than being dead it is alive, like you and me. This Divine Clock shows us time - hours, days, months, years, but can tall so much more if are only willing to listen to its ticking.

So don't be dis-encouraged with surface seemingness. Look deeper into things and surrender your receptivity to the Greater Whole to allow it to reveal itself to you.

Astronomical clock. Picture by Hermann, Pixabay license.
Picture by Hermann, Pixabay license.